Wednesday, February 20, 2008

middle finger up!

haha.. today, to be precise, this morning, i stood up my middle finger to a very face of a man after quite a long time, i can't even recall when was the last one.. why? coz this stupid motorist bumped onto my back bumper and the sound was like BANG! shoot! shoot! shoot! what the hell is that? and when i turned left, there you go a stupid uncle with his face with the stupid helmet makes him even more stupid and FUCK YOU LA! oh.. when i thought of that, it really makes my adrenaline turned up.. and guessed what? He was looking into my car somewhat in fierce look and i immediately stood up my middle finger up right in front of his face.. hahahah fuck you la stupid! no wonder you can only use a motorcycle to work! your brain is too small you can't even think how to make money and buy a car, well, you don't have to because your destiny is with that stupid motorcycle for your whole life, if you do own a car, you can't even fill up your tank for fuel, use the highway for tol, use the parking coz of parking rate, pay the insurance some more.. you can only afford that cheap motorcycle, heck you maybe stole it somewhere or you just bought it from a second hand dealer! hahah! fuck you stupid old man! this man is really is a fucked one.. and fyi, i was like one hour late this morning coz of the traffic (well their engine turned on but they just didn't move).. so, i wasn't thinking of anything else apart from reaching my office asap, as my boss sms-ed me just after i've parked my car.. like he knew that i am very late today.. i did't have a chance to look at the damage yet.. and today is just not my day.. soOooOo many things to do here and there makes me wanna run away and have a good coffee.. well, i'll turn to one person on earth (except my family), you guys knows who.. just fuck the uncle! i have no respect to motorist now, they are just being stupid and remain stupid their whole life, not even after reborn (if they do reborn) hahahha.. peace out rabbit!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i'm moving on

aminvest, here i come..

some of you may know and some of you may not know it, i'm moving on to aminvestment bank, report duty on the third of december.. it is not a surprise why i'm still working on as i have big interest on working on my own.. (banks do have good benefits) but in order for one to become a system analyst (my target ever since i step into software engineering course), you must have at least 5 years of experience in programming language.. btw, i'm moving on as an analyst programmer.. some say it is the worst job in IT field, but hey, i'm looking forward to become a software analyst.. who cares? haha.. those who take IT course must have some idea what system analyst do.. from an operational support specialist, i'm changing my course back to software engineering.. well, i'm still an engineer, from network back to software.. kehke.. well, i had been in tough time on making this move.. whether i shall stay at nokia (rumors says that HP will take us as permanent staff) but hey, it only rumors.. been here for mere 8 months has leave me with new friends, some of them are real close to me and do filled up my empty 4-3 days of off days.. (we played CS on few occasions..) kehke.. but i have to move on.. life must go on some might say.. there are greater world outside, just don't be afraid.. life is just making right decisions anyway ;-).. hrmm.. thanks eddie for asking me to write again, well, it had been too long since i don't even logged in.. hehe.. ocay, here you have it.. hrmm.. what more shal i say? hrmm.. ocay.. selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin.. this year was kinda the busiest raya on my mind, though i didn't help much physically, but when theres unfinished things in my mind, i consider it to be pending, or wip, holding me to do things that i normally do.. i received quite a few numbers of sms-es, but i replied none.. no reply huh? sorry guys, i'm changing to a new number btw.. here is my new one 019 231 9600.. do update your phone book, (well, for those who might think that i shall exist in the phone book) :-p well anyway, i'll start to use new number starting from this november.. hrmm.. there are lotsa things that can be written here but i just don't want to mix it all in one shot, i'll write again someday soon.. till then, don't let the world push you, you shall be the one who pushes the world around.. thanks for reading, deep in my heart, i miss most of you..

hewlett packard, goodbye..

Friday, July 20, 2007

today i took the test

this is a test to test your sleeping habit. well, most people do not know how actually they act during sleeping. hope this one is a correct one. tada!

I am a bird in hand!
Find your own pose!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

long awaited wake up...

it had been months since i last emailed punb for inquires and now only they returned my email.. hrmm.. wonder who is responsible for that.. anyway, it remind me of my late work, and to tell you the truth, working with women who is your boss is just like shit.. punb said that they can finance any degree or diploma holder to begin with their own businesses.. at that time, i was thinking about oepning a laundry shop, plus dry cleaning.. but anyway, my dearie honey wouldn't allow me to do that anyway.. it is costly for sure.. all of the machines and equipment and renovation may take up till 100k.. but anyhow, the return should be great on the other side.. it depends on how you manage your shop.. but anyway, how many of you are still using laundry shop? what kinda business that uses less money and yet provide big returns? restaurant? i also think about establishing a car wash for a start, but all and all, it may take a lot of effort, plus i might have to quit my current job.. things that i'd like to ponder out here is that, if i ever continue with any business, it must be something that i like to do the most, and i must have a lot of interest in order to run it with full force.. gee.. the fear of losing is greater than a feel of success.. what is happening to me noow? argh.. i need a vacation.. honey..

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

my weight - downsize..

yupp its true.. now i have reached the target weight (even before the end of the month).. now i'm 80 kgs, down 6 kgs to be exact.. hehe.. my diet now was proposed by my honey bunny ;) what is my diet? nahh, i'll tell you when i reached my desired weight.. its 65 or less :)

too much smiley tonite.. but i've ruined my diet tonight.. :( wahla.. coz here at my office, my superior called me to come earlier coz there are some foods to eat.. so, there you go.. i went up and ate one spicy pizza (the new one), and one slice of masala pizza (its the small one), and 2 chicken wings.. but that not all.. i also being served one cup of pepsi... there you go.. i might be 1 kg more in the morning.. wahduh.. ocay, enough of it.. i'll try to balance it back again tomorrow.. maybe i'll jog around and burns some calories ;)

i got an appointment this very morning, sending my savvy baby to COE Damansara.. the rattling sound from the left glove box really making us irritated.. and the miss fixed absorber is making some noise too.. i'll try to get it replaced.. its still under warranty, so let it be..

there are some major things that had been going through this week, and let it be kept in mind forever.. if you lose, don't lose the lesson..

i'm off tomorrow, but there will be a meeting at my office during the night.. hrmm.. i might not be going and i just don't know yet.. yesterday, i went back home by bus and lrts, it was nice, as there are driver(s) for me and i can arrive at pandan indah just about 45 minutes of journey..

thought of doing it often but maybe my honey wouldn't allow me to do much... heheh.. hrmm.. ocay.. hrmm... there are a lot of things that can be written down but i just don't know which and which so i decide to end it now..

life is full of happiness, so be it. thee hee hee (:

Sunday, May 13, 2007

One meal per day

I can confirm you that to go on diet is a hard thing to do. Some people starve, and some people just don't. Some people said the output has to be greater than the input. Some people said, 'I eat anything and still not fat'.. haiya.. so troublesome!

But all i can tell is that it differs. Your body isn't the same as mine. Enough said.

Exercising alone won't help much. You have to be careful on what you eat. Simply put, if you exercise 1 hour a day but in the same time you eat mutton for lunch and beef for dinner, it won't help at all.

I lost a few kgs last week and gain up at the same time, simply because i skipped my training.. and not to mention my eating habits.. Always remember that eat according to your time. Do not escape your meal because you have to teach your stomach to work and not burden 'it' by eating-anything-anytime-as-you-like. Stomach needs rest and stomach needs foods..

It was mother's day yesterday, but i didn't wish my mom happy mother's day.. why? its not that I don't want to, but you don't have to wait for a year just to wish your mom happy mother's day. If its you mom's birthday, then its ok.. it should have been everyday-is-mother's-father's-and-all-your-loved-ones-day.. simple. basic. enough said. My mom's birthday was last month, just two days after my birthday.. i gave her a mat, and she like it very much ;) spicy!

I drove my kanch to the office today, really miss her best days servicing me during my college times. NAR 4747, i will keep you well.. if i got extra budget, i can buy you few things more.. ;) obviously, you needs rim covers (which had fallen off), CD players, new set of speakers, tints, and new back tyres.. not to mention the radiator.. i think its quite old already.. gee...

Ocay, enough for today, really miss my honey.. she must be sleeping soundly right now.. Sleep well, tomorrow is a new day (apparently today) hehe

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

off day

i'm having my off day today.. yes, in the middle of the week.. i'll only be working on sunday, at 830 in the evening.. nice eh? sweet... so i'll have lotsa free time, as i can do things that i'd like to do before..

breakfast @ kedai mamak
surfing & surfing
go to the bank
go to the car accessories store
codes some coding
work out
have a deep thought of the future
take my own time alone

there are a lot of things to think about, especially for marriage, family, friends, business and all.. now, its the time that i have to make my decision.. whether i want to climb up the ladder of career or i just want to do my own business.. thought always come to do my own business someday but i'll have to focus from now..

really miss my honey, hope that she's doing fine at the office.. you take care, i love you..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I am officially launching my private training exercises today. It will be based on my mentor, air imran kifli.. heheh.. as always, history will teach us everything.. and history can repeat itself.. I spent quite some money on gym & fitness and hope that it will worth every penny.. I am now had been in the state of obesity for so long, a big no no to a person which is just one more step to go for TaeKwon-Do ITF black belt.. I dream of becoming one, and becoming a final fu myself.. heheh.. dreams can always be dreams.. some people dreams of success but only few wake up and work for it.. I hope that today will be my turning point.. There are a few things that I will have to control, intake and outtake.. there are a lot of things but I know that I can do it.. will post to you the result later.. J

Saturday, February 17, 2007

History in the making.

Yet to come are various encounters of me and the future.

I am happy just to see that my honey bunny started her own blog, all by herself, without any help from anyone. I am impressed.

Tired by tons of work that have to be done, I am hoping that I will have some opportunities to get the hell out of this company. Work like shit, appreciation = none.

But all of my tiredness will eventually disappear when I look into my lovely honey's eyes. She is the best that possibly can happen to me.

Till my thought catch you later. Thanks for viewing. Thanks for reading this far.

Love is like giving. Love isn't love till you give it away.

~life is just making right decisions.